Pregnancy Nutrition package (three months)


To protect the mother and embryo’s health, they must have good nutrition during pregnancy. A healthy nutrition system guarantees the pregnant mother has good health throughout the pregnancy months. It also assures that the embryo gets all the essential elements for its growth. It is recommended to choose healthy high nutritional – value food since quality is much more important than quantity. It is also preferable to avoid unhealthy food and food that increases the chances of nausea and vomiting. In addition to enhance awareness about pregnancy diabetes or any other symptoms.

Knowing that what you eat during your pregnancy can affect your child’s intelligence and decrease any future diseases, this way shall make your birth smoother and less painful. It will also help you recover faster after giving birth. Therefore, We have planned this package especially for you. There will be qualified nutritionists to help you with all your questions and be your helpful companion during your pregnancy journey through a special and important nutrition system.


  • 6 Counselling sessions via video or voice and a constant follow up by a nutritionist every 15 days
  • A special diet for pregnant women that take into account each condition individually to suit your needs and body.
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