Fast weight control program (challenge)


For two people, and one month.

The program will contain two people. You will share the challenge to achieve the best results, through consulting a nutritionist via direct contact with a designed nutrition system. All that will be accordance with your own needs to guarantee accomplishing tangible and actual changes based on the body measurement within a short period. In addition to educating people about healthy safe habits and responding to your inquiries. We will add two extra follow-up sessions to achieve the best results, because your health matters.

Advantages :

  • A 45 minutes interactive counseling session through video or voice call with a qualified nutritionist to discuss your health objectives and your nutrition and lifestyle patterns.
  • Two additional follow-up sessions and provide help in achieving objectives.
  • Flexible and specific nutrition system under your body’s needs
  • Special exercises
  • The one who achieves the best results gets a special discount to keep up the program in the following month.
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