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This package consists of 4 consulting sessions divided into three months. In addition to performing, important tests at home. Thus, no need for you to visit the hospital constantly. We provide you with education about safe pregnancy and birth. You can reactivate this package as needed. A group of doctors and specialists will check your pregnancy and its safety. There will be an accurate reading of the tests along with ultrasound, which will follow-up the embryo’s normal growth. These tests will also alert you to what you should avoid. In addition to all healthy nutritious habits for you and your baby. Specialists will answer all your inquiries to be sure that everything is going well with your pregnancy. You will be prepared for the labor stage, and fully explain the need for natural birth and Caesarean section and their complications. We will provide post-birth instructions in this package accompanied by safe healthy habits that you need to follow during this period, and of course, we will not forget the importance of breastfeeding.

  • Four medical remote consultations (2 medical / 2 nutrition)
  • Full pregnancy test to find out what you are going through in this stage
  • An accurate reading of tests, and ultrasound.
  • A specific nutritious program that suits your needs
  • Provide you with more information about your health during pregnancy, and answering all your queries, and explain what you are going through whether the changes, or pains.
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