Safe and healthy pregnancy package


Your gynecologist will be your companion during your pregnancy journey. She is here to hear your inquiries and make sure you feel comfortable.

The pregnant mother’s body goes through a huge amount of hormonal changes that require special and professional monitoring and care through every stage of pregnancy. As the baby grows inside you, you go through all sorts of emotions and questions about pregnancy and how much exhaustion it is due to the natural changes. Starting from the craving stage and its annoying symptoms such as constant vomiting, nausea, and choosing suitable food. Getting rid of some apprehensions concerning a few symptoms and diseases and how to deal with them such as diabetes, previous miscarriages, and high blood pressure. Therefore, your gynecologist shall be your best companion in this journey to help you, and make your pregnancy as safe, comfortable, and healthy as possible. Your gynecologist shall also keep up with everything concerning your health condition. She will also guide you through this stage until it’s your healthy and joyful birth time God Willing.

  • 9 Interactive medical consultations via video or voice call with a specialist physician
  • Follow-up of medical reports, records, ultrasound reading and provide necessary instructions.
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