Nursing care package


Long-term service; days or months

Specially qualified and trained male or female nurses will provide this service. They are ready to deal with different cases and grant necessary care for anyone who needs nursing care whether for the elders, children, special needs, and others.

Package details:

  • Full Clinical body checkup
  • Monitor Vital signals (blood pressure temperature, heart pulse, breathing, oxygen saturation ratio, blood glucose)
  • Give medication on time
  • Wounds full care (assessment, cleaning, bandaging)
  • Urinary catheter care (perform, remove, clean)
  • Assisting the patient while moving from bed to wheelchair and vice versa
  • Assisting the patient while using the water cycle or taking a shower
  • Assisting the patient in feeding, diet follow up, and getting dressed
  • Oral health care and keeping the patient’s hygiene checked
  • Providing special nursing services for each case.
  • Accompany the patients to all medical appointments
  • Demand medical consultation if needed
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