Elderly care package


Can be provided either by hours, days, or months

This package is concerned with providing health services and personal care for elders. Since the elders are in constant need of medical and psychological care and attention, we help in keeping them safe. Therefore, we, at Tadawi, are keen to grant specific services that would take into account their condition and understand their needs, so that they will not feel vulnerable or helpless All this is possible with the assistance of a highly special and trained staff.

Package advantages

  • Routine check-ups of blood pressure and blood sugar and make sure of the health of physical, mental, and psychological condition of the patient
  • Assist in the patient’s general and personal hygiene
  • Supervise diets
  • Assist in eating all meals on time
  • Remind patients of medication time
  • Accompany the patients to all medical appointments
  • Provide help through social media to keep the patient socially active with his/her surroundings
  • Assist the patient while moving
  • Maintain the external appearance
  • Assist the patient in using the water when necessary
  • Demand medical consultation if needed
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