Family physician package (three months)


For a better tomorrow and a healthier future, we bring you this preventive step. For more stable health for you and your family, Periodic health investment is the most crucial investment for you and your family’s sake that will help to enrich your health and avoid diseases. Therefore, this specially designed package is concerned with fully taking care of family members, bearing in mind the head of the family’s job commitments by providing service according to a suitable and flexible schedule. Home health care professionals provide immediate medical counseling and tests at home. In addition to the possibility of online consultation through a doctor and benefit the rest of packages

Advantages :

  • Family physician’s home visit through which all family members have their vital signs checked, their medical records gone through, and their health condition assessed.
  • Provide continuous instructions on medical and nutritious advice.
  • Full blood checkup for all family members at 4 members maximum.
  • Immediate, free, non-limited, and remote medical consultations.
  • Specialized medical consultations (3 consultations).
  • One nursing visit when needed
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